Star Date 23 January 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday!

This past week was stormy to say the least from West to East across the U.S. The West was pummeled with heavy snow and reports over 6 feet in the higher terrain of the Sierras. Wind gusts as high as 140 mph across the Sierras with avalanches closed I-80 to allow snow plows to battle the storm. Sierra snowpack is now 150% to 200% of average which is good news and bad news as this will result in Spring sn0w melt flooding in April-May. A wave height record was also set off Monterey California with a 34.1 foot wave reported. In the Southeast it was a wave oftornadoes with at least 37 reported from Mississippi to Georgia and sadly 18 deaths.

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The big Southeast storm is now headed up the East Coast with mainly heavy rain for the big cities but heavier snow likely in the higher terrain of New England.

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Nationally the January thaw has peaked and temperatures are now headed for a significant cooling trend, especially the Southeast and East Coast over the next couple weeks. We will also get a bit of a break from all the rain/snow in the West and severe weather in the south with a more tranquil/drier pattern for the Southern half of the country.

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Alberta Clipper type storms will dominate the Northern tier of the U.S. with a predominantly colder pattern going into early February. Some short range models suggest some very cold air is possible for the Northeast in early February.

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Early February is also Ground Hog Day (2 Feb) and right now it appears there will only be a couple hours of sunshine in Punxsutawney PA for the little rodent's big day. If he sees his shadow that will mean 6 more weeks of Winter.

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We tend to agree if that's his prediction as our statistical/24 climate cycle approach suggests March is going to make a wholesale change from last year's near record warm March. We have this March pretty cold and snowy.

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We hope you have a great week folks! God Bless You.

- Captain Kirk out