Happy Monday! :)

The weather pattern has flipped a bit with the cold weather this week in the Northeast (coolest in 3 years) and record warm in the Rocky Mountains and West. The season's first snows fell across the higher terrain of West Virginia and New England this weekend with more light snow possible this week.

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A series of storm systems will impact the Pacific Northwest and California all week with more heavy rain and wind. California is already having the 4th wettest October in 25 years (wettest in 6 years) and very likely will end up 2nd wettest in 25 years (wettest in 12 years). They'll take it! For the U.S. overall this last week of October is the warmest in 12 years and 7th driest in 25.

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The South from New Mexico to South Carolina will be the dry spots this week. Another cold front will dive into the Midwest and East Coast this weekend making for a cool Halloween (Monday 31st) along the East Coast but remaining record warm out West. Most of the country appears dry for Halloween with the wet areas remaining in the West and Northern Rock Mountains.

October trends around the world: Russia and especially Siberia are having the 2nd coldest conditions in 25 years with heavy early snowfall. Cold and Snow in October across Siberia is one of many weather indices that tend to favor a colder U.S. Winter from the Plains to the Northeast. Europe has been cool as well trending coldest October in 13 years. Canada is coolest in 4 years and especially in the Western half of the country. Australia's Spring has been cool as well trending coolest in 13 years. The U.S. will end up on the warm side trending warmest in 9 years.

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Have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out.