Star Date 25 April 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday! :)

THIS WEEK (25 Apr - 1 May):

The U.S. will end up the warmest in 3 years for the U.S. as a whole and 2nd wettest in 25+ years for this last week of April. A strong storm system will bring a clash of airmasses (cold in the Rockiest vs warm/moist from the Gulf of Mexico) for a potentially significant severe weather outbreak early this week from Central TX to Nebraska with tornadoes very likely and 3-4" of rain in spots from Southeast Oklahoma to Southwest Indiana. This may force replanting of recently planted Corn and Soybean crops. Upwards of 5" of rain is possible in Eastern Wyoming, Western South Dakota and Northwest Nebraska as well. As this storm passes we'll have to watch for some late frost (low to middle 30s) from South Dakota across northern Iowa into Northern Illinois this Thursday-Friday.

In Europe it's downright cold, wet and even snowy in places that don't normally see snow in late April. The week overall will end up the coldest and wettest in 25+ years. Certainly a negative for retail seasonal sales and farmers trying to plant crops.

In Argentina they're having near record breaking cold as local farmers try and harvest their soybean crops. This is huge negative and in part has soybean prices surging as of late.

Brazil is about to finally cool off a bit after 3 scorching hot/dry weeks in a row. The excessive heat and dry weather right during corn pollination will dramatically reduce their yields and may actually force Brazil to IMPORT U.S. and Argentina Corn as opposed to them normally exporting in June. This too in part created the recent rally in Corn prices. Just a sign of things to come as we head for a major rally in Corn and soybeansthis Summer.

See our facebook fan page for mapviews of the week ahead.

May looks to get off to a cold/wet start in the Northeast with the coolest conditions in 11 years and wettest in over 25...polar opposite last year when May ended up being record hot and dry.

Have a great week folks. - Capt Kirk out.