Star Date: 25 March 2016 Good Friday

Captain's Log
Hope you had a Good Friday.

The Northeast will have the warmest last week of March (this Easter weekend) in 9 years with much above average temperatures which will insure March will go down as the 2nd hottest in 121 years. Trees, flowers and fruit trees are all sprouting about 2-4 weeks early in the East due to the very warm late February and near record warm March...that's bad news in light of what's coming!

The North Pole looks to invade the Eastern half of the U.S. with some very cold weather around the 3-4 April time-frame with freezes as far south as North Texas to North Georgia. Fruit trees are already flowering as far North as Eastern PA so this could be a big deal for very early sprouting and flowering berries and citrus trees.  The low temperatures currently forecast in early April on wt360 are likely to trend even colder so this is something to watch if you live in the Eastern half of the country.  And, this may not be the last major freeze in the Midwest or East.

We'll keep you posted!  Have a great Easter weekend.  - Capt Kirk out.