Happy Monday...hope youweathered the record cold in the Northeast, annual Thanksgiving gorging and Black Friday chaos! :)

November across the world has been on the cold side trending coldest in 11 years and wettest in over 30 years. The really cold spots have been in Eastern North America, Kazakhstan and Siberia. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW


Zooming into the U.S. we can see the Heart land is having the coldest November in over 30 years with the Northeastern U.S. the coldest in 22 years and snowiest in 21 years. For the U.S. overall the month will end the coldest in 4 years (4th coldest in 30+ years), wettest in 26 years and snowiest in 4 years.


Season to date snowfall across is pretty epic trending the most in 18 years! Every state except Florida has had some snow on the ground so far this season. Yes, even the high mountains of Hawaii have had snow.


Snow Cover this morning is also well above average after the Midwest snow storm yesterday with 30% of the U.S. blanketed in snow. Last year only 3% was covered in snow.


Models are hinting at a few more snowy systems traversing the U.S. over the next 2 weeks with more Midwest snow next week and heavier snow in the Rockies and interior Northeast. Any slight track shift and the snow in the Northeast could be closer to the coast - tad early to say for sure.


This week (26 Nov - 2 Dec) across the world shows the cold finally moving into Eastern Europe.


For the U.S. this week will trend the coldest in 5 years, 11th coldest of the past 30 years so not quite as extreme as the frigid conditions last week. Rainfall continues for California putting an end to the fires that have been plaguing the state.


Next week across the world shows more cold weather for North America, Northern Africa and Siberia.


For the U.S., next week(3-9 Dec) will trend the coldest in 2 years with much of the country trending below average. Rain remains on the heavy side trending most in 30 years for the U.S. overall and snowiest in 5 years.


If you're counting down to Christmas you have a bit of time left with the early Thanksgiving this year...28 days 14 hours to go. Captain Kirk is off to a good start this year getting the family Christmas card done a few weeks earlier than last year.

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