Star Date 27 August 2018 Monday

Captain's Log

Happy Monday!

According to meteorologists there's only 5 days left of Summer but we're going with the sun which says we still have 26.5 days until Fall arrives. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

The Labor Day weekend (31 Aug - 3 Sep) looks to trend the warmest in 3 years and 6th warmest of the past 30 years for the U.S. as a whole. Rainfall on the wet side trending wettest in 12 years and 4th wettest of the past 30 years. Heaviest rain is in the Central States (MO, IL, E KS) where 3-5" possible. Middle Atlantic a secondary stormy spot with 1 to 2" from scattered thunderstorms. It starts off cool in the Great Lakes/Northeast early in the weekend but then turns much warmer, humid with Tstorms for the later half. So, not a total washout for most but not the best Labor Day either.

monday 2

Hurricane Lane certainly had some impact on the Hawaiian Islands but it collapsed from a major category 3 to a Tropical Storm in a day for the 4th greatest intensity drop on record allowing the Islands to escape a bit. Below are some of the highlights which includes the 3rd most rainfall from a Tropical System in the U.S., peak wind gust of 74 mph on Oahu and 10-15 foot waves on South/East facing beaches.

monday 3

Now we need to watch for 4 more East Pacific systems as we enter the peak period of the Hurricane season and potentially 2 systems in the Atlantic.

monday 4

And while it's still Summer we have the first Winter weather advisories out of the Northern Rocky Mountains above 7,500 feet with 1-4" of snow!

monday 5

The high level Winter Outlook (Dec - Feb) suggests the coldest in 5 years (below average) with below average U.S. overall temperatures - especially Eastern U.S., Snowiest in 5 years (Nov - Mar) with above average national snowfall and a bit above average overall precipitation.

monday 1

The future CEO of Weather Trends International - Angelina Kirk - approves of the cold/snowy outlook - Dad not so much. :)

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- Captain Kirk out.