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Thursday 30 Nov 2017 Update: Pattern about to make a wholesale change in the East starting the 2nd week of December!!! Get ready as the cold and snowy pattern will be shocking from this week.

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Happy Monday (27 Nov 2017)! :)

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't gain too much weight.

HUGE PATTERN CHANGE ON THE HORIZON! Don't get lulled to sleep here with a brief warm up sweeping across the U.S. as all signs point to a brutally cold pattern setting up the 2nd week of December. And if you believe the longer range Euro models this cold pattern for the Central and Eastern U.S. will last from the 2nd week of December into early January! CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW

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First let's focus on the next couple weeks that show the big warm up this week but a strong cold front will begin to impact the U.S. around 3 December in the West. This cold shot will move to the Western Rockies by the 4th, Midwest by the 6th and then off the East Coast by the 7th. This pattern looks to be a prolonged sustained cold pattern for the U.S. with a massive -AO weather pattern that shows Greenland blocking all the way through the North Pole into Gulf of Alaska. Usually when you see a pattern like that the cold can stick around for many weeks so get ready if you live in the Central and Eastern U.S. Snow TBD, but this certainly dramatically increases the chances for snow storms.

As this cold invades the Midwest next week there appears to be a bigger 8"+ snow storm sweeping out of the Rockies into the Upper Midwest. As the cold air invades the East look for the Lake Effect snows to kick in after the 7th.

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Very likely the 2nd week of December is brutally cold for much of the Eastern 2/3rds of the U.S. which is similar to last year when the Polar Vortex invaded the country. Here we go again.

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Thanksgiving week ended up being seasonably cold in the East but record hot out West. The Deep South was the cold spot with the coldest Thanksgiving period in 11 years.

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November overall made a pretty big change from the last two November's that were near record hot. This year slightly below average temps for the month overall from Montana to North Carolina while the Southwest was very warm. Compared to last year it was dramatically colder for all but the Southwest U.S.

And on the business front we were just named Most Innovative Company of the Year - Gold Winner with the 2017 Best in Biz Awards. Our 14th award. :) Great employees...make a great company.


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We hope you have a great last few days of November. - Captain Kirk out.