Star Date 28 August 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Hard to say happy Monday when so many are being decimated by flooding in Texas. Our thoughts, prayers and funds are headed their way to help. Here are a couple relief charities we supported since we know the vast majority of funds go immediately to the people in need:
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The rainfall is historic as a strong cold high pressure in the Northeast is blocking T.S. Harvey from making the more typical turn and race to the Northeast after landfall. Another reinforcing cool high is moving in this week as well from Canada so the system simply has no place to go. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

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And we have another weaker system developing off Florida that will become Tropical Storm Irma. Fortunately Irma will race Northeast but still could dump 8-10" along the immediate Carolina coast the next couple days.

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August rainfall in Texas will bring well over 30" of rain between San Antonio and Houston and they simply can't handle that much rain in such a short time. WTI had indicated the Western Gulf of Mexico and Texas was our highest risk area for damage this season - sadly that's happened. The peak of the hurricane season is the next few weeks so we're not out of the woods yet. Short range models show a system coming off Africa this week and it looks to become a strong hurricane (would be named Jose) - for now they suggest it will recurve away from the U.S. next week well out in the Atlantic. The Euro of course has it slamming into Florida nest week - something to watch!!!

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The next two weeks show the pattern is stuck with very cool conditions from TX to New England while the Pacific Northwest continues to bake with the hottest conditions in over 30 years. Despite the heat in the NW, August for the U.S. overall will end up the coolest in 13 years and wettest in over 30 years.

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September pattern doesn't change much with the U.S. the coolest in 9 years for the 1-10 September period and wettest in 3 years. The Northeast is the cool spot in September trending coolest in 23 years, the Northwest again the hot spot - hottest in 30+ years but hope on the horizon for some rain.

Have a good week and let's keep everyone in Texas and harms way in our prayers! Follow us on Facebookand Twitterfor daily updates.

- Capt Kirk out.