Star Date 28 May '19 Tuesday

Captain's Log

Happy Tuesday! :)

We hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. May will go down in the history books as a much cooler month than last year, except in the Southeast, much stormier in terms of surging tornadoes, record snowfall and even the 1st tropical system of the season. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

tues log 1

Late May and we're still talking about snow in the Plains and even in the Mountains outside Los Angeles. Snow cover peaked at 7.3% last week which remains well above average for this point in the season.

tues log 2

Tornadoes are surging as expected with a much above average season with over 700 tornadoes so far across the U.S. Well above last year's weak season. More severe weather likely again through midweek in Tornado Alley.

tues log 3

The season's first Tropical System "Andrea" was short lived forming to the Southwest of Bermuda.

tues log 4

This week (28 May - 3 June) looks to trend cooler than last year but 9th warmest of the past 30 years. A tad drier than last year nationally but still 14th wettest in 30 years with heavy rain in the Central U.S.

tues log 5

Next week (4-10 June) erodes the heat in the Southeast, while hotter conditions build in the Western half of the country. The week overall looks to trend cooler in 5 years nationally but still 11th warmest in 30 years, wettest in 6 years and 3rd wettest in 30 years.

tues log 6

Spring U.S. Temp trends show the cooler May but at least some above average temperatures over the Memorial Day weekend. However, compared to last year we're now in day 33 with U.S. temperatures tending colder than last year. 22 of the next 25 days also look to trend colder than last year so a prolonged stretch of colder YOY conditions of the U.S. as a whole.

tues log 7

Captain Kirk spent last week in the hospital and Bones from Star Trek was of no help whatsoever! ;) Not necessarily a bad time to be in the hospital as it's a good reminder that the pain we suffer through pales in comparison to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice giving their lives for our freedoms.

tues log 8

We hope you have a great week ahead and don't forget to follow us on social media for more frequent updates.Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,PinterestandLinkedin

- Captain Kirk out...actually in recovering from 3 little kidney stones. :)