Star Date 29 May 2018 Tuesday

Captain's Log

Happy Tuesday! :)

It was a hot and stormy holiday weekend with tropical storms, flash flooding, 100F temps and a couple tornadoes. The season's first Tropical Storm (Alberto) made landfall near Seaside Florida to the West of Panama City Beach yesterday with heavy rain and gusty winds the biggest impact.CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

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Up the East Coast in Maryland, thunderstorms dropped a foot of rain around Ellicott City Maryland with major flash flooding inundating the downtown; terrain and a river through town make this city very susceptible to these major floods. There were a few tornadoes in the Plains but its been a very inactive tornado season to date in the U.S.

There have only been 96 tornadoes reported in May which is 68% below average, the least since 1970 and only 366 so far this year, much below average. Only 3 major (EF3 or greater) tornadoes have been reported this year vs an average of 20 by this point in the season. The peak year was back in 1974 when 94 major tornadoes had already plagued the U.S., so despite the warm/wet May this year we haven't had much in the way of severe weather - unusual.

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This week is on the warm/wet side but a cooler and a bit drier pattern appears to be setting up for next week in the Eastern U.S. while the western half of the U.S. remains hot and dry.

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May overall in the U.S. will end up being the warmest in over 30 years, possibly record warm and the 5th wettest of the past 30 years. Taking a tour around the world we see Europe as a whole was also the warmest in 30+ years but the driest in 7 years. China was the 2nd warmest of the past 30 years, similar to last year but slightly wetter than last year. Brazil had average temperatures, cooler than last year but 4th driest of the past 30+ years. The Middle East was coolest in 4 years but 2nd wettest in 30+ years due in part to Category 3 Cyclone Mekunu that brought devastating flooding to Salalah, Oman this past weekend. India has been the coolest in 7 years but the driest in 15 years. Canada will end up the 2nd warmest in 30+ years and 3rd driest after last year's near record wet May.

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