Star Date: 3 April 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday!

This past Sunday in the Northeast was FINALLY nice here at wt360 headquarters after weeks of cold miserable weather. We'll take it! But our friends in New England from New York State to Massachusetts had MORE SNOW on Saturday!!! For those of us that had a nice warm Sunday, hope you enjoyed it as the next couple weekends don't look that great weather wise, especially toward the Easter weekend. :(

This week warms up in the East but it comes with a couple chances for more heavy rain. More severe weather and tornadoes are also likely today and Wednesday in the Southeast. Current conditions (10:45am EDT Monday) below (CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW)

log 5

California will also get another big rain storm this weekend with 1 to 3" for the northern half of the state which would make April rainfall across California the most in 11 years. The past 4 April's have been on the drier side in CA.


If you don't like the up and down weather roller coaster ride you're in for more disappointment as the Easter weekend looks to be the coldest in 10 years in the Northeast, 2nd coldest in over 26 years. :(


With vegetation out early and farmers planting early, there is risk for more crop damage from the Midwest to southern Northeast areas toward the later half of next week. These temps could go quite a bit lower as we get toward Easter with several mornings below freezing.


Two of WTI's finest were at the Millersville University Public Weather Awareness Day this past weekend - a big THANK YOU to meteorologists Evan and Krissy.


Have a great week folks and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

- Capt Kirk out