Star Date 3 January 2017 Tuesday

Captain's Log
Happy 2017!

Here comes the 3rd nation-wide Arctic outbreak of the early Winter season; only the Southwest will escape this cold blast. The cold front is currently sweeping through the Central U.S. and will head off the East Coast by Thursday.

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This will be a 5-day event before temperatures moderate but it will feel downright frigid with 10 to 25 degree below normal temperatures for 80% of the country. This blast is colder and more widespread than the middle December blast but it will be short lived before the next warm up going into middle January.

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The Deep South is likely to get some wintry precipitation this weekend with accumulating snowfall from North Georgia to the Carolina's. The exact track could shift a bit but right now there's more of a threat for the Deep South as opposed to the Northeast.

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December was obviously much colder across the U.S. and Russia than a year ago when we had record warm temperatures. The year-over-year drop in temperatures was nearly a 121 year record for many cities from the Plains to the Northeast. You'll be shocked at your higher electric heating bills this December vs last year. Every 1 degree colder can bring a 5% or more increase in your bills so get ready for 50% to 75% more expensive utility bills for all those areas in the dark blue below.

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U.S. Snowfall in December was up 77% over last year and 6% above average - snowiest in 3 years. The Northern tier of the U.S. from the Pacific Northwest to New England was the snowiest in 3 to 8 years. Below are some selected city snowfall summaries with some pretty epic year-over-year changes like Syracuse NY going from 3" last year to a whopping 63" so far this year.


If you got a cold with the wild up and down weather extremes you're not alone as the flu and flu like symptoms are way up over last year. This is in part due to the earlier middle December cold snap this year.

2014-2016 flu activity

The flu virus survives oncold surfaces much longer than on a warm surface, thus we get sick in the Winter. The epic outbreak in 2014 was due in large part to the frigid November whereas last year it didn't get cold until early January.

In case you missed our big announcement it is. We'll have a lot of exciting things to announce throughout the month of January!

And for all the baby Angelina Kirk fans out there...she had a good Christmas and very excited about turning 1 year old this week! :) It seems like yesterday when we welcomed her to planet Earth. :)

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Have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out.