Star Date 30 May 2017 Tuesday

Captain's Log
Happy Tuesday! :)

The Memorial Day weekend was a bit of a downer outside wt360 headquarters here in the Lehigh Valley of PA so we hope yours had better weather. The Immediate Northeast Coast was one of the worst spots in the country yesterday with temperatures 10 to 25 degrees colder than average and much colder than last year. A year ago we enjoyed upper 80s for the holiday weekend, this year upper 50s to low 60s yesterday for highs making it one of the coldest Memorial Days in 21 years. :( New York City as an example was 62F yesterday vs 87F a year ago. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

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This week the cool and gloom continues in the NortheasternU.S. while the West is warmer and drier. Central Europe is also quite warm while Northern Europe and Western Russia is downright cold.

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May overall was the coolest in 6 years for the U.S. overall and 5th wettest of the past 26 years (20% above average). The Northeast was by far the worst region trending coolest May in 9 years and #1 wettest in over 26 years with a lot of gloomy weekends. The North Central U.S. was the coolest in 6 years while the Southwest was the warmest in 3 years.

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God Bless all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who bravely serve today! THANK YOU.

Memorial Day 2017

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We hope you have a great week. - Captain Kirk out.