Star Date 30 Sep 2019 Monday

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

The cows in the East are pretty happy with the warmer/drier Fall

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but not so happy out in Montana with the biggest snow storm and earliest start to "Winter" in 19 years. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

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Over 48" of snow this past weekend in the higher terrain of the Northern Rocky Mountains for the first full weekend of Fall...Winter is still months away supposedly.

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With the early reminder that Winter is coming, thought we would share some of our Winter outlook that clients received some 6 months ago! So, watch the video if your curious about our outlook, some of the oceanic cycles above will play a role this Winter.

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One thing that's already building is dry to drought-like conditions in the South and Eastern U.S. Back in May we were at historic lows for drought with only 8.8% of the U.S. impacted, now that's up to 39% and we expect it to grow to 56% of the U.S. in dry to drought-like status by early Summer 2020.

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This week (30 Sep - 6 Oct) shows another blow torch hot day coming midweek ahead of the strong cold front that will usher in the coldest air of the season for the East. The tropics will remain quiet for the U.S. in the week ahead.

log 5

It will be a short lived cold shot, but still some patchy frost possible for the Upper Midwest and interior Northeast later this week into the weekend before another warm up takes shape.

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Next week (7-13 Oct) most of the country will have above average temperatures, except the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully some rain for the parched South and East.

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The 2-week world aggregate (30 Sep - 13 Oct) shows the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and parts of Russia are the few cold spots.

log 8

It was another warm/dry weekend in the East so we again enjoyed a day trip to the beach! While the water temperatures along the East Coast are much colder than last year, it was still in the low 70s with high temperatures in the low 80s...not bad for late September.

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- Kirk out.