Star Date: 4 April 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday!

THIS WEEK (4-10 APRIL): For the U.S. overall the week trends the coolest in 7 years (below average) with the driest conditions in 4 years (below average). Not so in the Northeast where the week is the coldest in at least 25+ years with the most snow in 20 years for inland areas. The country is pretty much divided in half from Minnesota to Louisiana and points East cool while the West is pretty warm. Up in the Northern Rockies it's actually quite hot trending warmest in 20 years. This weekend another soaker of a storm will impact California with widespread 0.50" to 1.50" of rain with even the southern part of the state getting in on the rain. Outside of the wet weather in California much of the rest of the country will have a dry weekend.

NEXT WEEK (11-17 APRIL): A more typical week with the country trending cooler than last year but still a tad above average overall. The cooler than normal spots are again in the Northeast (not as extreme) and in the Southwest. Warmest anomalies from the Plains to the Southeast. Nationally rainfall is off the charts with the #1 wettest in 25+ years with the potential for widespread 2-5" rain totals across the South Central and Southeast states. At least two rounds of severe weather possible in the South around the 11-12th and again the 15th-17th especially from Mississippi to Western NC. California likely to get another 0.25" in the Southern part of the state and 0.50" to 2.00" of rain in the North. The Spring rains continue despite the rapidly collapsing El Nino.

We'd like to wish all of our farmer clients a safe start to the planting season with what is certainly going to be a VERY CHALLENGING SEASON with heat and drought in Summer.

What's bad for some is good news for others so that's why we're embarking on a campaign starting today with the HVAC industry. 2016 should be a good year with exceptional demand for AC services along with an early cold Fall and Winter as La Nina emerges. If you're in the HVAC industry you'll love our video. Hopefully you don't use the Happy Gilmore method of fixing ACs! :) Enjoy the video.

Have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out.