Star Date 5 December 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday!

Are you ready for Siberia to invade much of the Eastern 2/3rds of the country? It's coming if you're ready or not! The Arctic front moves into Montana today, Colorado tomorrow, Midwest onWednesday, Southeast Thursday and off the East Coast Friday. Temperatures with this air mass will average 15 to 25 degrees below average for this time of year with sub-zero readings in the Plains and Upper Midwest. This is just the first of several Arctic invasions during December. The Southwest U.S. is the one area that escapes the brutal cold.


Thenext two weeks will average 18 degrees colder than last year in the North Central U.S., 13 degrees colder in the Northeast, 8 degrees colder in the Southeast but a degree warmer in the Southwest. Winter seasonal category sales will have explosive year-over-year growth with soup and coffee sales up 36%, winter apparel up 40% or more and heaters up a whopping 200%+! Also bad news for your heating bill so expect those to be 25% to 50% higher here in December and throughout much of the Winter which we expect to go all the way through April 2017! Below are the coldest days with the first two Arctic outbreaks (9th and 15th).

monday 6

SNOW is also going to be widespread with several systems to contend with over the next two weeks. Nationally this 5-18 December period is the wettest in 25 years, 4th snowiest in 25 years (most snow in 7 years) and coldest in 3 years (7th coldest of the past 25 years).


The change in year-over-year temperatures and snowfall here in December is most similar to what happened in Dec 2012 (record warm, little snow) to a frigid snowy Dec 2013. December 2015 was record warm with little snowfall and this year will bring one of the greatest year-over-year changes toward colder snowy weather since 1999-2000. The 2-week global snowfall outlook show the U.S. ad Russia are the most likely snowiest spots.


Near wt360 headquarters here in Bethlehem, PA we had our first 1" snow of the season this morning for a winter wonderland. Snow is a good reminder for consumers that it's time to stock up on Winter goods, pantry loading, etc.


Seems like baby Angelina Kirk always brings snow around her birthday. Last year we had an all time record 32" blizzard when she was born and now on her 11-month birthday we get our first inch. :) She can already say Ma Ma, Me Me, Da Da, Baby, and even strung a couple words together to say tired baby. Proud Daddy for sure. :)

baby angelina

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Have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out.