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The pattern is polar opposite last year with generally cooler/wetter conditions in the East and much hotter/drier conditions in the Plains and Northwestern U.S. This trend is likely to continue through July.

The 14-day outlookshows the hotter drier pattern is stuck out toward the Plains and NW while the East is cooler, wetter but also on the humid side. It's getting very dry out in Montana and the Upper Plains. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

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We'll need to watch Tropical Storm Don (should develop in the next 48 hours) as it heads in the general direction of the Southeastern U.S. and or Bermuda in the week ahead. Somewhat of a slow mover so the path will likely be erratic and the waters off the East Coast are much above average (2 to 6F above especially toward Bermuda).

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June ended up the coolest in 3 years and 5th wettest of the past 26 years for the U.S. overall which is a pretty dramatic change from last year's hottest on record and 2nd driest in decades. The only spot to trend both warmer and drier than last year was Southwest Texas and Arizona. Another negative for overall retail seasonal sales.

log 2

July will continue the overall trend with hotter trends in the Northwest and Plains while the South and East are quite a bit cooler and wetter than last year.

log 4We hope you have a great week! Angelina has discovered that water is FUN...but it's very slickery. :)

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