Happy Thursday folks!

Saturday 7 May 2016: A stubborn low pressure system will continue tobring cool and gloomy weather to the Northeast but it's starting to move out so some hope to see the sun for a time after a week of non-stop clouds. If you think the first week of May has been cold in parts of the Northeast you're right as outside wt360 headquarters in Bethlehem PA the high temps have been the coldest since 1945! Overall the Mother's Day weekend is the coolest in 10 years for the Northeast. The other cool spots will be the Southeast and Southwest with temperatures trending below average. The hot spots are the Central Plains and Pacific Northwest where temperatures are the warmest in 3 years and much above average. The Gulf Coast will be under High pressure with UV indices in Texas approaching 12 - very high!

A storm system moving out of the Rockies will bring more late season snowfall to the higher terrain of Wyoming with storminess spilling out into the Central Plains. Severe weather and large hail possible in Western Nebraska and Kansas.

Up North in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada a raging wild fire continues to devastate the town of 80,000 residents - most have been evacuated. They may get some relief on Sunday with humidity levels increasing from 15% to 48% and some showers but then more dry weather.

Sunday 8 May 2016 (Mother's Day): Improving conditions for the southern part of the Northeast but New England remains in the grip of that pesky low pressure system while another storm moves into the Central Plains with risk for severe weather and large hail in Kansas - Nebraska as cold air in the Southwest clashes with warm Gulf moisture in the South Central U.S. The UV index remains very high along the southern tier of the U.S. in the 10-11 range.

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NEXT WEEK (May 9-15): The U.S. overall will trend the warmest in 9 years with nearly the entire country trending above average except the Rocky Mountains. It will also be the 2nd wettest of the past 25 years with more severe weather potential in the Central U.S.

Hope all the Mom's out there have a great weekend and get treated extra special! :)

- Capt Kirk out.