Star Date 6 June 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday folks!

This week (June 6-12) will be the 4th hottest of the past 25+ years and 2nd driest for the U.S. overall. The week looks cool, dry, sunny with much lower humidity in the Northeast. If you like it hot head to the Western half of the country where temperatures will trend 8 to 15 degrees above normal and especially hot in the Northern Rocky Mountains. This heat moves into the Central U.S. with 90s and even some 100s in the Plains late this week into the weekend. Texas remains on the cool side and fortunately very dry after all the flooding in the Southeast part of the state last week. Florida and the Southeast is the wet spot this week as the 3rd named storm "Colin" of the 2016 season will make landfall tonight well north of Tampa Bay near Cross City. Winds likely to be 52 mph gusting to 63 mph, especially on the East side of the storm. The biggest impact will be excessive rainfall on the East side of the storm with the heaviest totals around Tampa Bay with 4-8". Waves will be 8-10 feet just off the Coast of Tampa Bay.

The 2016 Hurricane is indeed a fast start and actually a modern day record for the earliest point in the season to have 3 named storms. The last time there were 3 storms by 11 June was way back in 1887 (129 years ago) so we've broken that record. As we warned last Fall, the 2016 season would be active and it's certainly starting that way. To see our long range hurricane outlook visit our Seeds of Success Episode 3.

Next week remains on the warm side for the U.S. overall, 4th warmest of the past 25 years and #1 wettest. We hope farmers are happy with the early Corn rally up 22% from April lows and future prices topping $4.27 from lows $3.51. Likely to go much higher in late July - August with a pending scorching hot/dry Summer!

Have a great week. - Capt Kirk out.