Star Date 6 March 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday! :)

This past weekend was certainly a shock with the coldest weather in the East since early January. Temperatures were some 60 to 70 degrees colder than the record highs just a week ago. Frost and Freezes made it deep into the Southeast over the weekend, while the Northeast had sub-zero temperatures and wind chill temperatures -10 to -40F below zero. This first weekend of March (4th-5th) was the 3rd coldest in over 30 years for the Northeast and the coldest since the epic record cold back in early March 2014. (CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW)

capt 5

The roller coaster ride of wild swings in temperatures continues early this week in the East but another 30 to 40 degree plunge in temperatures later in the week with a couple snow storm threats.

capt 4

Globally the cold spots over the next couple weeks will be The Western 2/3rds of Canada, Northern tier of the U.S., Northeast and extreme Eastern Canada, Central Europe, Siberia and China. The stormy areas will be the Pacific Northwest, Ohio Valley into southern New England, Caribbean and Europe. Definitely a more winter-like pattern for these areas while hot/dry weather continues for the Southwest and South Central U.S. North Central California rainfall and snowfall continues to trend above average, just not quite as wet as the "Miracle March" last year.


The 6-day snowfall outlook shows a stronger storm toward the weekend that could intensify Sunday into a stronger Nor'easter with possibly the biggest snows of the seasons for the PA-NJ-NYC areas.


Obviously the track is subject to change but the overall pattern with cold Arctic High Pressure to the North with a storm track further to the South than recent storms certainly presents some risk to the East Coast/Southern parts of the Northeast. We will have updates on Facebook and Twitter everyday.


This time last year the early March period was in the low 80s so the year-0ver-year change is pretty epic...a negative for seasonal category sales and for garden enthusiasts that want to get out in their gardens. :( THERES A CHANCEDon't shoot the messenger. And don't forget this weekend to Spring ahead as Daylight Savings Time resumes.

spring ahead

Have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out.