Star Date 6 May 2019 Monday

Captain's Log

Good morning and Happy Monday! :)

It you think it's been a wet start to the're far the U.S. year-t0-date rainfall is 4th wettest of the past 30 years trending 8.5% wetter than last year and 15.8% above average. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

mon log 1

Tornadoes are also now much above average with 456 reported to date and that's well above last year as well.

mon log 2

This week (6-12 May) trends cooler than last year, 13th coldest of the past 30 years, 2nd wettest in 30 years, wettest in 24 years after last year's driest in over 30 for the U.S. overall. Look out for more severe weather and tornadoes from Texas to Kansas into Arkansas!

mon log 3

Mother's Day looks to be the coolest in 3 years but near average for the U.S. overall. The hot spot is the Northwest while the Southwest is much below average as is the Great Lakes and Northeast. Rainfall is a tad drier than last year but still 12th wettest of the past 30 years.

mon log 4

Next week ( 13-19 May) trend coolest in 3 years but still 12th warmest of the past 30 years and once again...#1 wettest in 30 years for the U.S. overall.

mon log 5

In addition to predicting year-ahead weekly temperatures, rainfall and snowfall for every 1 mile on Earth (32 million locations) we help big retailers and suppliers predict their sales by week by store. A fun rule of thumb is how every 1F warmer in Spring influences seasonal merchandise sales.

mon log 6

Unfortunately when we apply that to the expected May 2019 weather trends we see a 4.6F colder trend and much wetter month ahead after last year's off the chart strong sales month.

mon log 7

Applying the Power of 1 Degree® rule of thumbs to the 4.6F colder trends we end up with some pretty big negatives for seasonal sales this May. Don't shoot the messenger.

mon log 8

We'll end on a happy note with the now 3 years and 4 month old Angelina Kirk who CONSTANTLY sings "rain rain go away, come again another day"...doing her part to help our retail customers that want some drier weather! Mom's have one of the hardest jobs on Earth keeping the little ones happy especially when the weather is so bad and Dad's job is to find the INDOOR VENUES to keep everyone from going crazy. :) The DaVinci Science Center did the trick. :)

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- Captain Kirk out.