Star Date 7 November 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday. :)

The election day forecast doesn't look too bad for most with the nation having the warmest 8 November in 7 years and 5th warmest of the past 25 years. The warmest presidential election day over the past 28 years was in 2012, the coolest in 2000, wettest in 2012 and driest in 2004.

election 1

Rainfall is slightly above average for the nation as a whole with the wetter spots in the Central U.S. and extreme coastal Pacific Northwest but most of us are dry. National rainfall is the 7th wettest of the past 25 years and just slightly above average.

election 3

There is a sign of a pattern change as a strong Pacific Jet Stream looks to bring some of that frigid Siberian air toward North America. Since some of this airmass takes a trajectory over the Northern Pacific Ocean it will modify considerably but remains cool enough to bring below normal temperatures to the U.S. the 3rd week of November. Until then the U.S. remains on the warm side.

election 2

Snowfall looks to become more widespread in the Northern Rocky Mountains, Upper Plains and even the Upper Midwest the week before Thanksgiving as colder air begins to invade the U.S. from West to East.

We hope you have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out.