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THIS WEEK (8-14 AUG): The up-and-down weather pattern continues with the hot weather last week giving way to a cooler weekend and now another 3-day heat-wave in the Central U.S. midweek. The core of the heat will generally be in the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Northeast. The Rocky Mountains and Northwest remain the cool spot. Nationally the week is 7th warmest of the past 25 years and #1 wettest with flooding rainfall along the Gulf Coast states.

NEXT WEEK (15-21 AUG): The U.S. likely to trend #1 hottest in 25+ years and #1 wettest, a somewhat unusual combination. The core of the heat is in the Central U.S. and Great Lakes with the midweek period again the hottest part of the week and cooler toward the weekend.

2-WEEK GLOBAL OUTLOOK: If you don't like wet...the super wet spots are along the Gulf Coast of the U.S., China, NE and Coastal West India. If you like it dry consider Texas, Caribbean (that can change quickly in the tropics), Pacific Northwest, Southern Europe and most of Brazil. Although, extreme southern Brazil down near the Olympics is actually on the wet side. For the 5th-21st period in Rio temperatures average about 79.7F for highs and 68 for lows (a bit above average) with upwards of 2.87" of rain. The hot days are the 6th, 7th, 18th, warm days the 7th-9th, 15th-21st with cooler days 10th-14th. Rio is around 23 degrees South so it's "Winter" down there.

global outlook

SUMMER TO DATE (1 Jun - 8 Aug): Has been a near record hot Summer for the U.S. overall. Max temps for the U.S. as a whole are trending just shy of 2012 which was the hottest Summer on record. The count of 90F days is 3rd most in 25 years while night time lows have been on the warm side - hottest in 121 years. Rainfall has been 4th driest of the past 25+ years and least since 2012 for the U.S. as a whole. The balance of meteorological Summer (through 31 August) looks to trend the hottest in 5 years (+1.3F above average) and 4th hottest in 25+ years. Rainfall is #1 wettest of the past 25 years largely based on the Gulf Coast flooding potential.

US Summer Temps

Hope your enjoying the last 23 days of meteorological Summer (1 Jun - 31 Aug) or last 44 days per the Sun (20 Jun - 22 Sep).