Star Date 8 May 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday...hopefully you're not frozen in the Northeast!

If you thought this past weekend was downright frigid in the Northeast you're right as it was the coldest early May period in over 30 years for the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Northeast. There were even reports of wet snow as far south as the higher terrain of North Carolina. :( The Northern Rockies and Central Plains had the nicest weekend weather.

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There were widespread frost and freezes throughout the Midwest and Ohio Valley this past weekend that will have some farmers replanting again this year for the 2nd year in a row. Tonight the high risk frost and freeze threats move a tad further into the Northeast. With clear skies and lighter winds tonight you'll definitely need to cover your annuals if you want to see them alive after tomorrow morning. Sadly this will do more damage to vineyards, fruit trees and some berries...just like last year. :(


The next couple weeks show a pretty similar pattern with generally cold conditions on the Coasts and warmer in the middle and South. This week the U.S. overall trends the coldest in 7 years and driest in 10 years, next week 11th coldest of the past 26 years and 5th wettest as a stormier pattern returns. Yes, we could be talking about more heavy snow for the Sierras and Rocky Mountains next week...they might be able to ski all Summer long as some resorts are suggesting.


Mother's Day is more of the same with a cold day for Mom in the East and West with heavier rain possible in New England with a coastal storm. :( Northeast and Northwest are the worst weather picks while the Central Rocky Mountains and Plains the best.


We hope you have a great week ahead and visit us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

- Capt Kirk out.