Star Date 9 July 2019 Tuesday

Captain's Log

Happy Tuesday! :)

The tropics have been very quiet in the Atlantic due to wind shear and African dust, but we might get something this week closer to home. A land based low will traverse out into the NE Gulf of Mexico where water temperatures are 3-5F above average so that will be a lot of fuel to give this system a chance to become more tropical in nature. Heavy rain of 5-9" possible along the northern Gulf with this very slow moving system.

log 1

Hot 90F days have picked up a bit but year-to-date we're still trending down 28% vs last year, near average nationally but that's the fewest hot days in 4 years. With the flip of the calendar into July there has been an uptick in hot days but month-to-date we're still trending down 14% vs last year, fewest in 3 years but that's still 12% above average. So, a bright spot for helping to clear excess summer inventories for hot seasonal merchandise.

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This week (9-15 July) brings more of the same, warm East Coast and Rockies, cooler in the Central U.S. and Northwest. The week overall looks to trend coolest in 4 years nationally, 14th warmest of the past 30 years (near average), wettest in 9 years and 2nd wettest in 30 years for the U.S. overall.

log 4

Next week (16-22 July) The U.S. trends coolest in 5 years and 11th coolest in 30 years with the same general overall weather pattern across the U.S. Rainfall is again excessive with widespread thunderstorms with some of that tropical moisture feeding into the Midwest and East.

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For the world overall, the next couple weeks show a dramatic cool down for much of Europe and Southern China, warm most other locations.

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We were on ESPN radio Faith on the Fieldshow today, a true honor. They normally have awesome Christian athletes on the show like Carson Wentz, Tim Tebow, etc. so again we're humbled they even considered us. John Yoast from 107.5 Alive was on with us as we talked about how business can do more to return some of our blessing bestowed upon us to others in need. For those that have no interest in sports, you might recognize Remy Maaddi who was on Bridezilla...I can vouch for the fact that she wasn't really a bridezilla and a pleasure to meet everyone today. :)

log 7

For our Facebook fans that demand an Angelina update we have an update for you today as well as the little Picasso pretty much drew on every inch of the deck...we're going to need a bigger deck! Anything American flag, states, world countries and the little one is all in to draw it. When Daddy didn't know how to draw a particular country the little one cried so I'm quickly brushing up on my geography all 195+ countries, their shapes and flags. :)

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