Star Date 9 October 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday Columbus Day.

The remnants of once minimal hurricane Nate are now moving through the Northeast with just some moderate to heavy rain - no wind impacts. Nate made landfall Saturday night near Biloxi, MS with some storm surge flooding but fortunately Nate was a very fast mover keeping rainfall flooding to a minimum. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

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At one point Nate was moving through the Gulf of Mexico at 28 mph which is record fast speed for a system in the Gulf. While it's still Summer-like in the South and East, a strong cold front is racing through the Central U.S. with much more Fall-like weather. Even Winter-like in Colorado with upslope flow bringing some heavy mountain snow.


This is the 3rd major snow event in the Rockies in the past month.


The week ahead across the world shows global high temperatures just a tad above average but warmer than last year's chilly early October period. Rainfall is off the charts with the wettest 2nd week of October in over 30 years and snowfall is heavy across Siberia.


For those of you wanting an Angelina ya go...she took her kite up up and away this past weekend. 21 months and counting.

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We hope you have a great week! - Captain Kirk out.