Star Date: ECLIPSE 21 Aug 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Eclipse Monday!

You might want to check our interactive maps for TRAFFIC as millions of folks may panic if they see clouds moving in for today's Great America Solar Eclipse creating a little sun rage on the roads. ;) A storm in the center of the country will create some challenges with afternoon thunderstorms cropping up and a stalled weak front in the Southeast also presents some risk for increasing clouds today. As of early this morning you can see the big explosion of thunderstorms in the Heartland with a developing storm system. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

mon 1

For specific start, peak and end times check out this site for your area. Cloud cover around 2pm EDT shows increasing clouds during the eclipse. Gray shades in the maps below imply cloudy skies, blue areas less clouds. Darker gray = higher risk for very cloudy, darker blue = less risk for clouds. GOOD LUCK!

mon 6

What makes this total eclipse a tad special is just how much of the U.S. will see it from coast to coast across 14 states. The next coast to coast eclipse is not until 12 August 2045 (28 years from now) that will go from Northern California to Florida impacting 11 states and in 7 years on8 April 2024 going from Texas to the Northeast impacting 12 states.

The forecast map for today shows a messy pattern in parts of the totality sector, but even if you have clouds it will only make it that much darker at the peak.

mon 2

Nothing to do with the eclipse, but the balance of August and meteorological Summer looks to go out like a lamb in the East (cool) and like a lion out West (hot). Same general pattern we've seen most of the Summer.

mon 3

Summer temperatures (Jun - Aug) overall for the U.S. have been pretty close to average for the nation as a whole with the cooler trends in the East, hotter out West. For the U.S. overall it's been the coolest Summer in 3 years.

mon 4

Summer rainfall has been pretty epic in parts of the Northeast and South but very dry in the Northwest. For the U.S. overall it's the wettest Summer in over 26 years.

mon 5

Be safe...remember to never look at the sun as just a few seconds can cause permanent damage. Sadly some of the glasses sold are fakes so be sure!!! We will have live updated today on our Facebook page with some drone video and photos from Beatrice Nebraska and Bethlehem, PA.

- Capt Kirk out.