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One way to get a meteorologist's blood boiling on a Mondaymorning is with headlines like this, "Hurricane ALERT: NOAA warns 2019 season could trigger more hurricanes than ever before." Totally false and pretty sure NOAA didn't say that! CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW

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In fact, it's been the opposite to date with the past 5 weeks trending the least active in 37 years with no named storms as we enter the core of the peak season. To date only 2 named systems which is near historic lows and well below the average which is around 5 named storms by this point in the season.

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While some upped their season totals last week, based solely on a weakening El Nino and AMO (warm Atlantic Ocean cycle), we are not changing our pre-season outlook due to plenty of wind shear with the atmosphere still showing El Nino impacts, dust

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coming off Africa and good old statistics that suggest slow starts, usually mean an at or below average season. But, we are still worried about storms that would develop close to the U.S. and particularly Southeast Florida the Bahamas and Bermuda, so now is not the time to get complacent as we enter the historical peak period which runs from late August until early October.

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This week (19-25 August) starts off on the hot and humid side in the East, but a strong cold front will usher in much cooler and less humid conditions by the weekend. Texas will cool off as well going from low 100s to low 80s by the weekend while the West heats up. For the U.S. overall, the week trends warmest in 6 years, 8th warmest in 30 years with the wettest conditions in 11 years, 4th wettest in 30 years. A good clearance week for excess hot Summer seasonal categories.

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Weekend (24-25 August) outlook shows the much cooler and dry trends in the Great Lakes and Northeast while the Western U.S. is the hot/dry spot.

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Next week (26 August - 2 September) shows more of the same with the heat building along the West Coast while the Upper Midwest-Plains remain the cool spots. The U.S. overall looks to trend cooler than last year and 11th coolest of the past 30 years for the pre-Labor Day week.

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The next two weeks overall across the World continue to show the coldestconditions in 12 years for Canada, yes it's already started snowing in the higher elevations, coldest in 3 years for Australia (their Winter) while the U.S. and Europe overall are the warmest in 3 years but not overly hot for this time of year.

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We had a chanceto visit thewordFM.orgfolks last week, a local positive & uplifting radio station that does so much good for the Eastern PA area and beyond. Mrs. Captain Kirk (Simona) shared her testimony on the radio while hubby flubbed his short recordings. ;) When we came home, the little Angelina put not 1 but 2 wordfm stickers on her little pink car. Very proud to support this great organization!

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