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Your Memorial Day Weekend Outlook.

For the U.S. overall the May 26-29 holiday weekend trends coolest in 4 years and driest in 6 years but with big regional differences. The Northeast is the coolest late May period in 4 years but wettest in 8 years (our worst weather pick across the country); The Southeast is the warmest in 5 years and driest in 4 years (2nd best weather); The South Central U.S. is the warmest in 4 years and driest in 4 years; The North Central U.S. is the coolest in 4 years and driest in 3 years; The Northwest is the hot spot trending hottest in 26+ years and driest in 22 years (top pick for the best weather) while the Southwest is the warmest in 3 years and driest in 10 years. Hewwwww...


Memorial Day Weekend 1

The Day-by-Day Outlook shows a stormy pattern across the Central and Eastern U.S. with some severe weather likely. With wt360 we have a lot of visualization tools to help you see the weather the way you want FREE and PAID:
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Saturday is the best day in the Northeast with some sun otherwise a fair amount of clouds and showers, a trend we've come to expect in the Northeast this year - a lot of gloomy weather. Memorial Day (Monday) looks pretty stormy from South Texas to the Northeast. The North Central U.S. will be quite cool with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below normal, highs only in the 60s but a gusty northerly wind making it feel much cooler. Ironically the Pacific Northwest is actually one of the hottest spots in the country.

Memorial Day Weekend 2

And for East Coast folks thinking about the beach this weekend, don't forget about one of our favorite web sites that allows you to track some big sharks real time! We've talked about the big one Mary Lee (Great White Shark, 16 feet long, 3,456 lbs) that's currently just about 10miles off Assateague Island MD - just southeast of Ocean City Maryland! Yes she's moving north...fortunately she appears to enjoy tuna, dolphin, whale, marlin more than humans. ;)

mary lee

Supposedly the biggest Great White Shark wasn't JAWS but a 37 foot long Great White off New Brunswick Canada back in the 1930s - some doubt if this was a Great White as they typically don't get that big. Their sense of smell is beyond bionic with the ability to smell blood 3 miles away! On that happy note, enjoy dipping your toes in the kind of chill waters this weekend.

ocean temps

No matter the weather or sharks, we hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend as we remember the real reason we celebrate is not for the hot dog or backyard BBQ but rather the sacrifices of so many that allow us to enjoy our everyday freedoms! God Bless You!

Memorial Day 2017

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Happy Memorial Day! - Captain Kirk out (USAF 1989-1999)