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Attendance and concessions sales for sporting events, amusement parks, concerts, festivals etc. are highly correlated to the weather. The overall experience on a cruise, excursion or just a one-day getaway can be drastically altered by poor weather. Planning on last year's weather repeating in the current year is at best 20% accurate. Having reliable YEAR-AHEAD weather intelligence to help predict foot traffic and sales is critical to the entertainment industry. Decisions on capital spend and improvements must be made with a PROACTIVE understanding of the next season's weather.

the power of 1° degree® for entertainment

POWER OF 1° DEGREE® predictive analytics forecasting technology has quantified weather's influence on over 10,000 seasonal category sales. Did you know that every one degree warmer increases beer and ice cream sales by 1% and burger sales by 3% or for every one degree colder soup sales increase by 1% and coffee sales by 2%? Weathertrends360 can provide 85% accurate Year-Ahead temperature, rainfall and snowfall predictions by week, every mile on earth and the forecast is never changed once issued.
  • Proactively meet logistics and staffing needs
  • Forecast demand for products months in advance
  • Analyze thousands of POS categories by region to predict future trends
  • Time advertising and marketing campaigns to precise weather conditions

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