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Every savvy investor knows that weather has a dramatic influence on the performance of retailers, suppliers and numerous other market segments. weathertrends360 gives you the advance weather data and insights you need to stay one step ahead of the market with our Equity Report. The Equity Report tracks 60+ equities and how the weather influenced their performance last month and last week, as well as, how it will benefit or hurt performance in the 9-months ahead. Know how your portfolio will weather the coming months before a downside earnings surprise.

proactive weather analytics for Wall Street

proactive weather analytics for Wall Street

We do more than supply you with forecasts. When you work with weathertrends360, you get access to our team of business analytics specialists and meteorologists, giving you the context you need to turn coming weather into action that drives profits. No matter what your portfolio looks like, it's guaranteed to contain exposure to future weather events. We tell you what's coming a year in advance, what it means and how to stay in the clear.
  • Enjoy year-ahead forecasts that are 85% accurate – better than most weather companies' week 2 forecast
  • Leverage decades' of our domain intelligence on retailers and seasonal suppliers
  • Think and plan proactively, rather than reacting
  • Reduce volatility and mitigate risk

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