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Perhaps no activity more impacted by the weather than golf. What if you knew exactly what the weather would be ... a year in advance? With our golf-rounds played reports, you can. The reports utilize our exclusive statistical forecasting model to deliver highly accurate rounds-played forecasts up to a year out. Plus, historical information on why last week or last month's rounds played were way up or way down. Proactive, year-ahead, strategic planning for every phase of golf course management.

the power of 1° degree® for golf courses

With margins tight and competition high, public courses and private clubs can't afford to be caught unprepared for the weather. With our golf rounds-played intelligence, you'll know far in advance about the benefits of a warm/dry, winter, the big negatives of a cold/wet spring, or a drought's impact on maintaining your greens. At less than $40/month, it's the smartest operational investment you'll make this year.
  • Enjoy year-ahead forecasts that are 85% accurate – better than most weather companies' week 2 forecast
  • Learn the historical significance of weather on rounds played at your course
  • Think and plan proactively, rather than risk a big surprise
  • Optimize staffing and pro shop inventory levels
  • Ensure your maintenance team is ready for anything nature throws at it
Golf Round Played Reports
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