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The weather influences nearly all expenses and operations for municipalities and city governments. weathertrends360's proprietary year-ahead forecasts let you confidently plan in advance for facility energy consumption, utility line maintenance, road maintenance and repairs, snow removal and more. Our year-ahead forecasts are more accurate than most companies' five-day forecasts, giving you the tools you need make smarter, proactive, year-ahead decisions.

the power of 1° degree® for municipalities

There's a reason weathertrends360 is trusted by the Fortune 100, local governments and utility companies alike: We empower them to stay ahead of the weather a year-ahead. Traditional forecasts result in constant surprises. We utilize advanced statistical modeling to provide highly detailed, accurate forecasts a year in advance, we call it MyCast®. Will it be a cold winter? A wet spring? With weathertrends360, you'll know … and you'll be able to adjust ahead of time.
  • Proactively plan facility heating, cooling, and maintenance costs a year-ahead, to eliminate the budget surprises that a very cold winter or very hot summer would bring
  • If a warm winter means tens of thousands of dollars in savings in heating costs, you may actually have that money for a new playground
  • If it is a warmer, drier, summer, you will save on landscape maintenance costs - more money found for that new pool?
  • Plan for budget crunches and expenditures long before they occur
  • Stock up on supplies, like road salt, if they are need, but don't if they're not
MyCast™ for Municipalities
  • 2 Locations [year-ahead forecast]
  • Daily MyCast Reports
  • 14 Day U.S. Snow Forecast Report
  • Short-Range Global Mapping Tools
  • Custom Severe Weather Alerts
  • Seasonal Hurricane Outlooks

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