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Pharmaceutical drug companies are REACTIVE when it comes to weather's influence on disease ailments and suffering. Missed sales projections are inevitable if the correlation of weather to sales is not factored into sales projections. PROACTIVE integration of YEAR-AHEAD weather intelligence into sales, marketing and advertising forecasts is critical for the pharmaceutical industry and the consumers they serve.

the power of 1° degree® for pharma

POWER OF 1° DEGREE® predictive analytics forecasting technology has quantified weather's influence on over 10,000 seasonal category sales including pharmaceutical related products like allergy, cough cold, flu, hand & body lotions, itch creams, etc. Armed with correlation outputs for sales and weather, companies can time sales, marketing and advertising campaigns for optimal weather and inform consumers of potential suffering periods for their weather sensitive diseases. These companies can also more efficiently structure and deploy sales staff and align incentive compensation with ideal weather and sales metrics.
  • Warm/dry spring weather results in higher allergy suffering, higher pollen and pollution levels and higher asthma suffering
  • Hot/dry summer weather traps pollutants contributing to asthma suffering
  • Warm/dry fall weather extends the allergy season and pollutants remain in the air while cold fall weather triggers asthma through the winter season

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