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Small businesses can live and die with the weather. A cold winter can dramatically impact foot traffic. Wet summers reduce car washes. We can't help you change the weather, but we can help you plan for it. Our accurate year-ahead weather forecasts and predictive analytics let you confidently plan inventory, advertising, staffing, pricing, promotions and more months ahead of time.

the power of 1° degree® for SMBs

MyCast is a daily email and web-based report that tells you what will happen the next few hours, today, next week, and most importantly, a year-ahead. If the long-range MyCast Outlook shows months of stormy weather ahead, it is very likely your ice cream shop, water park, and car wash sales will be down. What advertising or inventory decisions could you make to minimize the downside sales risk? Conversely, if there were months of great weather, what advertising and promotion decisions could you adjust to increase sales even higher?
  • Time advertising and marketing campaigns to the precise weather conditions
  • Estimate sales trends up to a year in advance
  • Add 10%+ to your bottom line with smarter pricing and markdowns
  • Proactively meet logistics and staffing needs
MyCast™ for Small Business
  • 2 Locations [year-ahead forecast]
  • Daily MyCast Reports
  • 14 Day U.S. Snow Forecast Report
  • Short-Range Global Mapping Tools
  • Custom Severe Weather Alerts
  • Seasonal Hurricane Outlooks

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