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Snowstorm to Impact 40% of Population

A whooping 40% of the population will be impacted by a complex winter storm which will spread a wide swath of accumulating snow and ice across the Northeast starting early tomorrow and into Sunday morning.

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Weather Trends International's 2013-2014 Top 10 Winter Predictions

Are you ready for a nasty winter in the Eastern U.S.? The statistics and climate index similarities suggest the 2013-2014 winter will be similar to 1962-1963 which brought the 6th coldest January in over 118 years and copious amounts of snowfall. The factors considered were a proprietary statistical forecasting technique, Atlantic Accumulated Cyclone Energy index, ENSO neutral phase, 30-year cold intensifying Pacific Decadal Oscillation Cycle and a very weak 100 year solar cycle which all point to a winter similar to 1962-1963.

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Fall Foliage Forecast 2013

Nights are getting longer, the kids are back in school, and there’s an increasingly chilly feel to the air; yep, it’s Autumn already. While many will bemoan the passing of the warm season, there is plenty that Fall has to offer. One of the most anticipated spectacles of the upcoming season is the foliage. Like the perfect balance required of a tight-rope walker, the weather too must be perfectly balanced in order for Mother Nature to put on a brilliant foliage show. From the earliest sprouting of leaves in the Spring to the last drop of leaves in the Fall, weather plays an ever-important role all along the way. This year the weather was both nice and naughty depending on the location, with the Northeast in-line for a brilliant show of color this year, but West Coast dwellers may have to look elsewhere for that dazzling Fall color.

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National Lightning Safety Awareness Week

It’s National Lightning Safety Awareness week, June 23-29; this week meteorologists help to educate people about the dangers associated with lightning and what they should do to stay safe because it is the nation’s deadliest weather phenomena. In fact, lightning kills about the same amount of people that tornadoes do in an average year across the U.S. In the United States, an average of 53 people were killed each year by lightning over the 30 year period (1981-2010), and hundreds more are severely injured. Sadly, 238 people in the U.S. were killed by lightning between 2006 and 2012. Many people like spending time outside during the summer enjoying fishing, camping, boating, the beach, leisure activities, etc.

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Record-Breaking Rain in June?

Anyone getting tired of this rain? We’ve already had so much rain for the last few months in parts of the Northeastern U.S. Places like Georgetown, lower Delaware and Central Park in NYC have recorded 9 inches of rain. In Central Park the June record is 10.27” since 2003 and Philadelphia with 10.06” since 1938. The average rainfall for this month is roughly about 2 inches for many places in the northeastern U.S. Central Park needs less than an inch more of rain to break the record. Georgetown, DE has had 11.50” so far this month. We are still 9 days away before we head into July. Typical summertime thunderstorms will bring heavy rain and localized flooding over the affected areas; most of the storms dump a couple inches of rain in a short amount of time.

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