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Welcome to the Weathertrends360 FarmCast™! This may be the sharpest tool on your farm when it comes to turning a profit!

We know how important weather is to successful farming. Planting decisions made as a result of last year's weather could be costly. It's like driving while looking in the review mirror, you don't see what's in front of you.

FarmCast helps you to be proactive to weather, not reactive.

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Here's what you get:

Custom Year Ahead Forecasts for 3 Of Your Locations
Unmatched accuracy levels ranging for 75% to 94% (last year -87%) over the last 18 years
Weathertrends360 leverages 24 Climate Cycles
generating trillions of data points to forecast weather and planting conditions for your farm up to a year in advance.
Our Year-Ahead forecasts consistently outperform
traditional 7-14 day forecasts
Daily Farmcast Reports For Your Locations
Weekly Commodity Reports
Phone Access To Meteorologists
Custom Created Weather Alerts For Your Locations
Farmcast also provides:
Date of last freeze
Seed variety
Tilling and planting dates
Optimal application dates
Seasonal Hurricane Outlook
Play the video to hear WeatherTrends360 CEO Bill Kirk explain the powerful impact of using Farmcast