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Special Promotion: Sign up for your $369 yearly FarmCast™ subscription, and you will receive a free 1-year subscription of Successful Farming magazine. Watch the short video on how FarmCast™ can help you maximize your crop harvest. Click the below link and register for your FarmCast™ technology today.

Traditional long-term agricultural outlooks use ever-changing physics and analog methodologies, a challenging way to plan. Our statistical, 24 climate cycle, based forecasting model is 85% accurate a year out – better than most companies' week 2 forecast. With good advance data on temperature, precipitation, and growing degree days, you can plan your crops, planting dates, fertilizer, chemical demand and harvest times with total confidence. We call it Better Farming in Any Weather.
  • With FarmCast® weekly, year-ahead, forecasts, you'll know the wet, dry, hot, and cold weeks, to better plan strategic farming decisions
  • If it is a warm/dry, season ahead, you will need a different corn variety and more herbicide and insecticide. If cold and wet, more nitrogen and fungicides
  • Short-range tactical tools give you access to forecasts for temperature, humidity, sunshine hours, growing degree days, soil moisture, soil temperature, and more
  • Build custom weather alerts to plan optimal application dates, providing days and weeks ahead proactive planning information for things like first and last freeze