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We hope you enjoyed our video Seeds of Success Episode I "A Farmer's Guide to the 2016 Corn Belt Weather Outlook and $6.50+ Corn Prices." Hundreds of farmers across the U.S., Brazil, Ukraine and China signed up for our annual Ag plan to become PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE in this high risk 2016 season.
Episode II "Brazil's Crops, Indian Monsoon Failure-Drought to Floods and Cold Risk for U.S. Vegetables and Berries in 2016" in our series highlights our global Winter Outlook and what it means for crops around the world in 2016.

EPISODE 2 Seeds of Success

Brazil's Crops, Indian Monsoon Failure-Drought to Floods and Cold Risk for U.S. Vegetables and Berries in 2016

In this Episode II video we will explain:
  • How the hottest/driest Summer in 9 years in Brazil's major growing region of Mato Grosso will ultimately lead to lower yields during their crop season currently underway (now through March 2016). The delayed Soy Bean planting due to the record hot and dry conditions will not only lower their yields but delay the 2nd Safrinha Corn crop which will also suffer through drought-like conditions. Good news if you like higher corn prices by Spring 2016 as this news eventually rattles Wall Street.
  • El Niño's rains for California will be the most in 11 years but it will also have a big negative impact on San Joaquin Valley crops with higher risk for an early Spring frost in March. This will adversely impact vegetable production and lead to higher prices.
  • As El Niño collapses at warp speed in Spring 2016 the mild winter will give way to a few cold snaps in late Spring that could freeze early sprouting berries in the Midwest U.S. The buds will come out early with a much milder winter and that's not good news. This will likely impact Summer yields and bring another price spike late Summer 2016.
  • India will go from record drought this year to flooding in 2016. The low sugar cane yields this year will rapidly deplete the 5-year inventory and drive up sugar prices significantly through's already starting. This time next year, flooding and epic monsoon rains and cyclones will dominate the news out of Southeast Asia and India as La Niña develops. Great for higher sugar cane yields late next year and an eventual collapse in sugar prices going into 2017.

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